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Steel Wheelz provides capacity solutions, managed transportation and logistics services across North America – all tailored to meet your unique needs. 

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At Steel Wheelz, we consolidate an extremely fragmented market by maintaining carrier relationships to get you access across all equipment types and shipment needs. By maximizing truckload freight capacity, we help you achieve superior efficiency, wider reach and increased buying power.

Our truckload services are designed to help you manage costs, while effortlessly adapting to shipping demands and requirements. 

We work closely with the industry’s leading expert carriers who work to carefully move your shipments in a safe, secure and compliant manner. 

No matter the needs and seasonality of your business, or the nuances of your industry, we’ll work with you to create specialize truckload shipping plans that solve your toughest supply chain challenges.

Ship with confidence. Ship with SteelWheelz.

Gary Fiocco President CEO of SteelWheelz


As President and CEO of Steel Wheelz, Gary is responsible for the operations and vision that drives the company’s success. Gary’s proven track record and extensive experience and business contacts enabled him pull together some of the best business, transportation and logistics talent to form Steel Wheelz.

Gary is a seasoned entrepreneur, with over 25 years of hands-on business experience. He founded and built companies in the healthcare, manufacturing, technology and transportation industries. He knows what it takes to get things accomplished, through building high functioning teams that stay focused on the mission and by inspiring team members through clarity, purpose and accountability.

Gary Fiocco

President & CEO, Steelwheelz

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Steelwheelz Article Photo Transportation Costs

High Costs Straining Transportation Budgets

Companies that depend on freight transportation to fulfill core business functions could report disappointing quarterly results due to staggeringly high transportation costs. This could be the case for manufacturers of food and consumer packaged goods, according to one insider with a bird’s-eye view of the industry.

Anshu Prasad, co-founder and CEO of Leaf Logistics, a New York City-based startup specializing in the forward contracting of freight, detailed that thesis in an interview with FreightWaves.

Prasad’s company helps shippers and carriers manage fluctuations in the transportation market through its Leaf Adapt software that provides guidance into market pricing and capacity dynamics. The company also facilitates the execution of forward freight contracts, allowing shippers and carriers to lock in capacity/freight at future dates with set rates, on its Leaf Flex platform.

Mass Vaccination Sites Will Mean Scaling Up Logistics Coordination

Taking the pace of U.S. Covid-19 vaccinations from a stumble to a sprint through mass inoculation sites will require far greater logistics coordination across government and private groups, supply-chain and public-health experts say.

Large-scale, centralized vaccinations, part of the Biden administration’s strategy to speed up the rate of inoculations, present logistical challenges different from those in dispersing doses to an array of clinics, hospitals and pharmacies. It means orchestrating and tracking supply chains for a range of medical equipment and trained workers, and managing the fragile vaccines outside health institutions.

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Trucking Failures Surged Last Year Under Pandemic

U.S. trucking company failures nearly tripled in 2020 from the previous year as fallout from the pandemic deepened pressure on smaller operators while well-capitalized bigger truckers held on and found stronger financial footing as the economy reopened.

Some 3,140 fleets shut down last year, a 185% jump from 2019, according to transportation industry data firm Broughton Capital LLC. Roughly half of the 2020 failures came in the second quarter, when freight volumes plummeted amid widespread shutdowns aimed at limiting the spread of Covid-19.